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WONO P2P platform team claims their token to grow fast and steadily. Why?

EQS-News / 14/06/2018 / 11:27 UTC+8

WONO P2P platform team claims their token to grow fast and steadily. Why?

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2018 / In general, there are two ways to make a cryptocurrency grow. If you prefer a short-term business, you can create a global hype, promise paradise on Earth for all and your token may cost much, albeit for a short period. Then your investors will understand that a utopia is actually a mirage and sell everything. However, if you want your token holders to become richer and richer over the long run, in the blockchain, it's not enough to have a high-demand product. Your business model itself must keep token price going up.

WONO peer-to-peer platform for rentals and freelancing is going to become a global sharing community. Let's see how the platform design will provide a fast and steady token price growth.

On WONO you can literally share anything in your possession: your flat, your car, your laptop and even your time and talents. Yes, the platform is designed both for asset sharing and freelancing, which is, by nature, a sharing of human resources.

Users act as vendors and customers at the same time. That means that you can, for example, take a remote job as a Javascript developer, sign a smart contract and then spend the tokens on, say, a seaside bungalow and bike rentals. Alternatively, rent out your idle country house and hire a fancy cabrio for a weekend ride. What's more, a trusted deal mechanism lets you spend tokens, locked in a smart contract, immediately.

What's so unique in this systems and what makes WONO team think that the token's price would rise? The primary killing feature of the platform is that it lets users never withdraw tokens at all. Well, they will have such an option without any restrictions, but there will be thousands of opportunities to spend what's earned. As the demand for tokens continually grows, so does its price, and token holders become more prosperous every day.

Why would anyone want to hire something or someone on WONO? Their main reason is that everything on this platform is cheaper than on off-chain services. WONO platform due to lower transaction cost and business processes optimization can afford to take 1-5% commission to stay a profitable business.

Vendors on WONO can legally avoid taxation as until you withdraw your tokens and exchange them into fiat; you don't have to pay anything. Tokens are determined as non-taxable digital assets in most countries including the US and the EU.

To complete the picture, add all benefits of the blockchain. Transactions, ratings and reviews are 100% transparent and can't be edited by the platform administration. The community members solve all disputes. What's more, WONO offers the crowd insurance mechanism that lets any user ensure a deal against the cancellation and get a bonus if everything goes OK.

WONO team is now focused on the proof of concept, which will be shown at the end of July, shortly before the ICO.

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WONO Twitter - https://twitter.com/wonoworld
TG Group Link: https://t.me/wonoworld
Website: https://wono.io
Email: kp@wono.io


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